Plant of the Month: September

Plant of the Month: collard greens UF IFAS Extension University of Florida Florida Master Gardener Volunteer

Collard greens have been enjoyed by people all over the world for over two centuries. Collard greens are members of the same family as kale, turnips, and mustard greens. They have large, thick, dark green leaves and are rich in Vitamin K. Collard greens have roots in a variety of cultures that celebrate them by enjoying them today. In Africa, collard greens are known as Sukuma, and are sauteed in oil, flavored with onions, and seasoned with salt. They are also an important staple in Southern American cuisine. 

Many American dishes from the south originate from African meals brought over by enslaved people trafficked during to the trans-North Atlantic slave trade. Much gratitude should be given to Africans and African Americans who kept collard plants thriving in the south. America has multiple varieties of healthy, vitamin and mineral-rich greens that flourish in the United States.

You can learn how to grow collard greens in Florida online by watching the video below by My Jax Garden, titled: Growing Collard Greens in Deep Mulch Wood Chips.

By Cheris on September 19, 2022