A Polar Bear in the Snow by Mac Barnett

A polar bear emerges from a solid white page of snow as a vague charcoal mark of a nose. As he awakens, more of his face is revealed, then all of him. Where is he going on his long journey?


A Polar Bear in the Snow is the distinctively creative product of an award winning author, Mac Barnett and an award winning illustrator, Shawn Harris. The book is spare, simple and pure in its text and cut-paper and ink illustrations. The layers of paper give the illustrations a 3D sense of depth.


The bear is on a walking and swimming journey past other arctic animals and sea life through white shades of snow, gray shades of ice, and blue and green shades of sea water. The visual effects are delightful. This is a great picture book to read out loud to your little one as you both ponder the question, where is he going?




By GailC on August 14, 2021