Sizzlers Available Now

Sizzler text illustration with flames on text and library DVD cover and book

Sizzlers - scorching hot books, movies, and hotspots - are now available with no wait across the Alachua County Library District.

Sizzlers are special copies of new, popular items that are not available for hold, have a shorter loan period, and cannot be renewed. The only way to find a Sizzler is to look on the New Books shelf in your preferred library location. Sizzlers are marked with a yellow label on the spine and a large Sizzler label on the front.

The rules:

  • Limit of one Sizzler book,¬†one Sizzler DVD, and one Sizzler WiFi2Go Hotspot¬†per account
  • 14 day checkout for books, seven day checkout for DVDs, seven day checkout for WiFi2Go
  • No renewals on Sizzler items
  • An overdue Sizzler will block your account immediately
By Sabrina on February 15, 2023