Spring Break Adventures

Spring Break Adventures with someone reading on the beach

The idea for spring break came about in the 1930s, as a time for students to catch up on school work and study for exams. It often coincided with Easter. In more recent years, spring break has been spread out from mid-February through mid-April. In the 1960s, college students started using the break to head south and party for a week. Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean have become popular spring break destinations. For families, it has become a time to take a short trip to visit family, have amusement park adventures, or enjoy the great outdoors before the heat of summer.

This year, Spring Break will take place March 11-19, for the University of Florida, Santa Fe College, and Alachua County public schools.

Try these titles to make your spring break better than ever.

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Children: Preparing for Travel
Children: Choosing Your Destination
Children: Travel Adventures to Read While Traveling

Picture Books

Chapter Books

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Adults: Guides to Traveling
Adults: Dazzling Destinations
Adults: Fun in Florida
Adults: Themed Vacations
Adults: Pack These Books
7 book covers from the titles above
By BethN on March 9, 2023