Tiny House Living

Do you want to downsize your life and live tiny? Are you caught up in a fantasy or is tiny house life really for you? Before you start, there are some things you should seriously consider:

Tiny house
  1. Can you live with less, a lot less? Depending on how tiny you are planning to go, you will probably need to make significant changes to your belongings.
  2. Can you live where you’d like to live legally? What constitutes legal there and what are the expenses and logistics involved in building and parking a tiny house are huge factors to consider. Just because you plan to buy property does not mean you will be able to live on it legally in your tiny house; there are zoning laws to consider. Also, do you plan on staying at an RV Resort? Some cost more than the average apartment to rent per month, some won’t let you stay long term, and some will not allow certain types of vehicles.
  3. How will you finance your home? Unless you live in a traditional home that is very small, you may not be able to get a 30 year home loan. In all likelihood, you will get financing through a builder or a personal loan through your bank, and that is often a much shorter term loan. Can you insure it?
  4. Have you ever been inside a tiny home? It is easy to get caught up in the fantasy and make decisions based on what you think it will be like. It is probably best that you tour at least one tiny home, ones like the one you are considering. This is where a lot of people decide tiny house living is not for them, after all.

If you passed all of these tests, congratulations! Now, the real work begins. The following books can be checked out at your local branch to inspire you and help you build the tiny house of your dreams. Click on the below titles or book covers to bring you to the catalog, where you can locate a copy or place on hold to pick up.

The above information came from the following sites, which are coincidentally great resources. 

By MelissaJ on January 12, 2022