Unlock Unlimited Streaming with hoopla BingePasses

Alachua County resident library cardholders can watch unlimited Great Courses, epic nature series, and incredible documentaries for seven days with hoopla BingePass. To start watching, log in to hoopla and borrow a BingePass for Curiosity Stream or The Great Courses.

What's a BingePass? A hoopla BingePass gives you unlimited access to online content from hoopla's partners. You can check out a BingePass under hoopla's "Browse" tab. Once you borrow a BingePass, hoopla will log you into their partner's website to explore all of the content immediately. To access the content again, you'll find your BingePass under the "Currently Borrowed" section of "My hoopla." When your borrow period is up, you can check out the same BingePass again for seven days. If you haven't used hoopla yet, you can create a new account with your email address and library card number.

Borrow one, or both, BingePasses for free unlimited streaming and lifelong learning. 

Curiosity Stream BingePass

Curiosity Stream logo beside images of documentary and content series covers

Like the Discovery Channel, Curiosity Stream offers a collection of award-winning original content covering science, nature, travel, history, technology, and more. Catch a short take on "The Science of Cute" or watch a full series on white-collar capers with "Inside the Mind of a Con Artist." There are thousands of films, series, and shows to browse or binge. We recommend:

  • "David Attenborough's Light on Earth" - This Emmy-nominated documentary explores the wonders of bioluminescence - light produced by organisms. 
  • "Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places" - From black holes to the Big Bang, explore the renowned physicist's favorite spots in the universe in this three-part docuseries. 
  • "Red Elvis: The Cold War Cowboy" - Meet the American popstar who defected and became a Soviet superstar.
  • "Beyond the Spotlight" - This series "goes beyond fame to reveal the passions of celebrities on a mission to change the world," featuring Kristen Bell, LeVar Burton, Shaquille O'Neal, and more. 
  • Kid-Friendly Content - Pick from age-appropriate STEM, history, nature, and dinosaur shows.  

The Great Courses Binge Pass

The Great Courses Library Collection logo above images of courses

Explore hundreds of classes on everything from archaeology to Zoology. Courses are divided into multiple videos so you can learn at your own pace from the world's brightest professors and experts. Our picks include:

  • "The History and Archaeology of the Bible" - One of the platform's most popular courses, historians and archaeologists explore the text's central stories in this series. 
  • "The World's Greatest Geological Wonders" - Visit Earth's most astonishing natural wonders from lava lakes to towering glaciers in 30 minutes or less. 
  • "The Everday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking" - Whether you prefer roasting, frying, or sauteing, you'll pick up new tasty tricks in this course taught by a beloved Culinary Institute of America professor.
  • "Great Mythologies of the World" - Explore mythologies from across the globe in 60 courses covering titans, tricksters, and deities.
  • "National Geographic Masters of Photography" - Learn how to capture stunning images with a dozen award-winning photographers. 
By Rachel on May 18, 2023