Welcome More Joy into Your Life

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Tired? Stressed? Lately, it seems that more and more people are experiencing burnout, or at least nearing burnout. Take the time to focus on yourself and what's best for you in the long run. If you need some advice on where to begin, take a look at some of the ideas below for how to bring more joy into your life.

Daily Rituals

Begin your day in a way that sets you up for success. Having a plan, a ritual, that sets the tone for your whole day can sometimes to be key to improving your overall joy. Some ideas for how to start your day off right include meditation, yoga, journaling, or a short walk outside.

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Get Organized

Decluttering the space around you can have immediate positive effects on your health and wellness. It can also give you space to do more things that also increase joy. Want to start practicing daily yoga, but don't have the space? Take a look at what's around you and you might find things that no longer benefit you. Getting rid of those things to create more space for something like yoga will allow you to focus on something that can bring you joy.

How to Organize Your Time and Your Life (LinkedIn Learning Course)

This course is available through LinkedIn Learning for free with your library card. Select "Sign in with your library card" and enter "AlachuaLibrary" when prompted for your Library ID. You will then be able to enter your 14-digit library card number and PIN/password. Your PIN/password is automatically set to be the four-digit year you were born (For example: 1975).

You can also search for many materials in our catalog on all types of organizing.

Focus on Health

Many people use food to cope with stress, which seems to help in the moment, but in the long run can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Consuming a healthy, balanced diet instead can help combat stress and you can search for many materials in our catalog on all types of diets.

Exercise not only has health benefits, but is a proven stress reliever. Make sure to set reasonable goals for yourself. Aerobic exercise is known to produce natural endorphins, which help you to feel better and maintain a positive attitude. You can search for many materials in our catalog on all types of exercise.

Information obtained from Happiness Coach Angela and the Cleveland Clinic.

By Sabrina on January 23, 2023