Author Joshilyn Jackson speaks at Millhopper

Joshilyn Jackson is the author of six published novels, all national bestsellers. She also has written a number of short stories and has become a welcome and frequent guest at literary conferences, writing seminars and speaking engagements. The settings of her novels are the South of her past experiences, and her principal characters are finding their own strength as they move through troubled personal and family relationships.

Her first novel, "Gods in Alabama," was published in 2005, followed by "Between, Georgia" (2006), "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming" (2008), "Backseat Saints" (2010) , "A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty" (2012) and "Someone Else’s Love Story" (2014). She received the Southern Independent Booksellers Award for First Fiction for "Gods in Alabama" and was named Georgia Author of the Year after "Between, Georgia."

In her own words... "I write fiction...I lie for a living...I have all these [flawed] people in my head...Eventually I have a cast...I beat people to death with tequila bottles...shoot stuff...blow up whole small towns...There's plenty of fornicating...My mother is going to read this and...I'm a coward."

Join Joshilyn for a very entertaining afternoon Sunday, January 25 th 2015, 2 PM, at the Millhopper Library. This special event is brought to you by the Friends of the Library serving Alachua County Library District.



Joshilyn Jackson

Posted by PatG on January 9, 2015