Lauren Groff at Headquarters September 16

A short walk from her home in Gainesville, Lauren Groff will be at the Headquarters Library Sunday, September 16 at 2:30pm to discuss her latest publication, Florida, a book of short stories.  Groff is one of the hottest writers in contemporary American literature, evidenced by the extended articles in the New Yorker, the Guardian , and the Paris Review.  Esquire titles their interview with her, Lauren Groff's Florida Is Not Your Sunshine State.   And certainly this collection will not be used by the Florida tourist bureau.    moody, brooding, filled with ghosts, snakes, despair of imminent environmental destruction.  Set mainly in and around Gainesville, these stories capture Groff's sense of place and you can feel the "soul-sucking heat" in her sentences.  

Groff has been on national tour all summer and is back and many of you have had time to read this collection.  While on tour, she has also gained headlines with her response to a reporters question about balancing work and family.  Come with questions and enjoy the lively discussion she always delivers.   

FloridaFates and FuriesArcadiaMonsters of Templeton

Posted by ChrisC on August 31, 2018