Nature is All Around

Trees by Pamela Hickman book cover     Plants by Pamela Hickman book cover     Bugs by Pamela Hickman book cover     Birds by Pamela Hickman book cover

Award-winning nature author Pamela Hickman has written over 35 nonfiction books for children.  In her latest series, "Nature All Around" Pamela explores "Trees" "Plants" "Bugs" and "Birds".  "Trees" is the first title in the series and her most popular title to date.  

The book explores the parts of trees, their life cycles, the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, leaf types and the processes of photosynthesis, respiration and pollination. It explains the life cycle of trees, describing what happens during each of the four seasons. Readers will discover the many ways trees are vital to the environment and how many animals can share one tree as a home. There are even tips for tree watching.  Detailed information is shared in an a simple and clear manner.  The beautiful watercolor illustrations by Carolyn Gavin complement the straightforward and engaging text.

Pamela was born in Ontario, Canada and now lives in Nova Scotia, where she is surrounded by nature.  Her books focus on hands-on activities that involve the reader in nature discovery. Nurturing respect and fascination for nature and conservation are her ultimate goals.

Illustrator Carolyn Gavin is featured in our esource Creativebug.  Click on the Daily Practice tab and search by her name.  You will see Daily Painting Challenge: Flowers, Fruits and the Natural World.  In this practice you will learn how to paint with goache and watercolor, from your imagination or a photograph reference, and how to use a dip pen to add details.  A perfect way to combine art with nature this summer!

Posted by JeanH on June 16, 2020