Three Wishes "Listen A-Likes"

Three Wishes audiobook coverBook Review: Three Wishes
Written by: Liane Moriarty
Narrated by: Heather Wilds

Lyn, Cat, and Gemma Kettle are three sisters that attract attention everywhere they go.  Sometimes for their beautiful long legs and other times for their outrageous personalities.  I think the scene where they’re celebrating their 33 birthday at a restaurant perfectly sums up their relationship.  One minute they’re laughing, drinking champagne, and eating cake. The next minute Gemma has a fondue fork stabbed into her pregnant belly, and Cat is passed out on the floor in shock.  It's the kind of sisterhood that has its ups and downs.  But no matter how tough things get they always have each other to lean on.
This was my first time listening to Heather Wild narrate a book.  When listening it was easy to distinguish between the different characters.  A task I thought not the easiest since there were so many different women to voice. 
Heather was able to tell the story in a spirited way with clear intonations that pulled you into the story very well.  The overall tone of the narration was amusing and upbeat.
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