Career Success Book List

Think Like a Rocket Scientist: simple strategies you can use to make giant leaps in work and life

Ozan O. Varol

We're experiencing a second age of spaceflight, and the renaissance of rocket science is captivating the world. Movies and television shows set in this sphere consistently top the charts, and millions tune in to watch SpaceX launches. Although we glamorize rocket science, we assume that it's beyond comprehension by mere mortals who don't have a special kind of genius baked into their DNA (hence the common saying, "It's not rocket science"). Yet while the complex math and scientific details of building rockets may be out of our reach, the principles that guide the discipline don't have to be. In this mind-expanding book, Ozan Varol, an actual rocket scientist, shows how the strategies that built the Apollo 11 can help you achieve your own moon shot. Think Like a Rocket Scientist teaches you how to attack previously unsolved problems, how to overcome everyday obstacles to grand ambitions, and much more. A deeply knowledgeable scholar with a breezy, contrarian voice, Varol inspires us not only to dream big--but to achieve those dreams too.

Don't Quit Your Day Job: the 6 mindshifts you need to rise and thrive at work

Aliza Knox

Learn how to survive and thrive within organizations In Don't Quit Your Day Job, former Google and Twitter executive Aliza Knox delivers hands-on, practical steps for achieving career success. Driven by Knox's four decades working in and leading some of the world's most celebrated firms, and featuring candid accounts of other people's successes and missteps in global tech, consumer goods, healthcare, academia, social services and more, this book is an essential guide to integrating your professional and personal goals to build a fulfilling, complete life. The book also includes: - Invaluable advice to power up your people skills and soft skills, and how to care for your career like you would any other relationship. - Effective perspectives to help balance your working life and personal life and to build stamina for the long haul. - A global outlook that reveals how to excel in today's hybrid, often dispersed world of work. Whether you're just starting your first job or you're ready to rise to the C-suite, Don't Quit Your Day Job will help you advance and flourish in the workplace.

Right Within: how to heal from racial trauma in the workplace

Minda Harts

In these tumultuous times, as workplaces across the nation struggle to become truly inclusive, women of color need frank talk and honest advice on how to deal with microaggressions, how to heal from racialized trauma, how to find relief from invisible workplace burdens. The stakes are high, as even Lauryn Hill had put it: "How you gonna win when you ain't right within?" In Right Within, Harts offers essential self-help guidance for readers to learn to steady themselves, steer their outlook, and find much-needed joy at work. Filled with Harts's signature wit and warmth, Right Within offers strategies for women of color to build confidence, banish imposter syndrome, and move beyond past triggers they may not even know still cause pain. She encourages women of color to advocate for themselves effectively, and also helps reframe the challenges they face, to refocus past career disappointments into opportunities to move forward. Harts not only shares stories and wisdom gained from her personal journey, but she includes advice from therapists and faith leaders on a full range of ways to heal. Through her company The Memo, Minda Harts has worked with Fortune 500 companies to offer guidance and support for women of color on the rise. Here, through action points and clear-eyed coaching, Harts offers the roadmap to summoning hidden reserves of strength and courage. The path ahead can require hard internal work, but it's worth it if this enables readers to breathe freer and feel more like themselves at work. And in the end, Right Within will help women of color strengthen their voices and resolve across corporate America, ensuring that we can all, finally, rise together.

The Burnout Fix: overcome overwhelm, beat busy, and sustain success in the new world of work

Jacinta Jiménez

Changes like hyper connectivity and globalization have created an always-on and always-connected culture that has fundamentally altered the way we live and work, but unfortunately, most of us still cling to outdated formulas of what it takes to be and remain successful at work. Until now. The Burnout Fix reveals the integrative science-backed model professionals need to maintain success in the new world of work, from licensed Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Jacinta M. Jiménez. Individuals forgo life outside of their jobs and put in huge amounts of hard work and unsustainable effort to become top performers. Over time, however, their success fades as their efforts begin to take a toll, leaving them burned out, unhappy, and sick. Pulse delivers not just the antidote to this burnout, but 5 specific PULSE Principles for Sustained Success.

When They Win, You Win: being a great manager is simpler than you think

Russ Laraway

From the legendary Silicon Valley manager Russ Laraway, who partially inspired Radical Candor, the three simple rules for creating happy, engaged teams, When They Win, You Win. Businesses everywhere are plagued by managers who seem to think that keeping their staff miserable is the best way to deliver profits. This is a failure of leadership that also hurts the bottom line; research has shown that maintaining a happy, engaged workforce consistently drives measurably better business results across the board. In When They Win, You Win, Russ Laraway, the Chief People Officer at Qualtrics, provides a simple, coherent, and complete leadership standard that teaches organizational planners and managers how to develop incredible levels of employee engagement. The book identifies three key elements: clear direction-setting, frequent coaching, and active engagement with employees on their long-term career goals. Russ Laraway's approach to management, developed at Google, Twitter, and Qualtrics, shows the way to cultivate a happy, productive, and engaged team. Happy results are sure to follow―for you, your customers, your shareholders, and your employees alike.

Designing Your New Work Life: how to thrive and change and find happiness--and a new freedom--at work

Bill Burnett

In Designing Your New Work Life, Burnett and Evans show us how design thinking can transform our present job, and how it can improve our experience of work in times of disruption. All disruption is personal, write Burnett and Evans, as with the life-altering global pandemic we are living through now. Designing Your New Work Life makes clear that disruption is the new normal, that it is here to stay and that it is accelerating. And in the book's new chapters, Burnett and Evans show us step by step, how to design our way through disruption and how to stay ahead of it—and thrive.

Linked: conquer LinkedIn. get the job. own your future.

Omar Garriott

An estimated seven in ten American employees want a new job. Millions more are making for their first career step after graduating. And most of them will use LinkedIn-or try. Because while LinkedIn is the dominant platform for hiring, networking, and recruiting, very few job seekers know how to maximize its incredible power. Here are two who do: Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling, career coaches who ran LinkedIn's education team, then formed the Job InSiders to advise all levels of job seekers. Now they're sharing all they know in Linked, the definitive guide to conquering LinkedIn, written for everyone from the newly minted college graduate to midlife career-changer. At the core of Linked is an indispensable five-step framework for the modern job search. It gives candidates the tools and techniques that matter most to cut through the clutter on LinkedIn's massive site while focusing on the new realities of the job market-including how employers actually zero in on new hires, and how you can you ensure that you stand out. Clear, lively, accessible, and direct, Linked teaches how to burnish your increasingly important personal online brand. Work the powerful Network Effect, like turning a simple introduction into an invaluable referral. Learn how to think like a recruiter and tailor your profile and job application to their needs. Master the three rules of the LinkedIn search algorithm, and game the Applicant Tracking Systems used by more and more recruiters. And employ advanced LinkedIn hacks, like playing "Who Viewed My Profile Roulette," and strategically post articles relevant to the industry you want to join. The result: not just the job of your dreams, but a future secured.

Descriptions adapted from the publishers.