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Oh my, it feels like forever since I shared a favorite story, but that’s because I have been discovering new amazing stories. In fact, I just returned from a cross-country trip with Scoob and his G’Ma.

Clean Getaway by Nic StoneOkay, Scoob and his G’Ma went on an epic road-trip in Clean Getaway by Nic Stone, but I got to read along with their trip. It was awesome!

Scoob made a mistake at school, and he got into big trouble. His dad is very unhappy with him, and cancelled his spring break trip. So, when G’Ma calls to ask if he would like to go for a trip in her brand new RV, Scoob decides it’s the perfect time to get out of town. G’Ma takes him on a trip across the American South, from Georgia to Mexico with her special box of treasures. This is the trip Scoob’s grandparents tried to take in the 1960’s. Unfortunately, they never made it to Mexico and Scoob's grandfather passed away. G’Ma refuses to quit this journey before she hits the border. 

They begin their journey in Georgia on their way to Mexico. G'Ma tells Scoob all about his grandfather, and shares the items in her treasure box. One item is the Traveler's Green Book. Scoob's grandparents used this book to find safe places to stay on their original trip because his grandfather was black and G'Ma is white. It was very dangerous for them travel, and lots of places wouldn't allow black people into their businesses. Learn more about the Traveler's Green Book at  Scoob learns a lot about American History and the sacrafices many people made to achieve civil rights. He uses the Traveler's Green Book as his own personal journal of the trip and draws pictures of the places they visit next to their entries in the book.

But this is not your normal fun family vacation, Scoob quickly begins to realize that something is not right. G'Ma is telling him hidden family secrets and hinting there is more he doesn't know. He catches G'Ma switching license plates on their RV, and is pretty sure she didn't pay when they stopped for lunch. To make it even worse, G'Ma is avoiding calls from Scoob's dad and calling Scoob by his dad's name. What is Scoob going to do? Take a trip with Scoob and G'Ma to find out. 

Ok, seriously, you have got to give this book a try. I loved it. When I first picked it out, I was a little scared. It is one big book! Not really, but I have really tiny arms. Luckily, I was able to get the audiobook! I listened to the story, and followed along in the book. Just had to flip the pages... easy peasy. I'm so glad I tried the audio; it was like reading with my ears! The narrator, Dion Graham, was awesome, and gave me all the feels with this story. 


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