Meet Conezilla

Hi Everybody!

conezillaI'm Conezilla your friendly neighborhood ice cream monster. I have been reading and reading, and I have so many great books to share with you. But first, why should you listen to me? After all, I'm just an ice cream monster; what would I know about books. 

Well, when I was a young cone, I stumbled across the library. I hid in the bushes out front, and snuck in behind some kids. It was like walking into Disney! There were Conezilla readingbooks, CDs, and DVDs everywhere. My little heart just about exploded. I spent months devouring everything in the library. I hid during the day, and read all night. 

Then last summer, one of the kids found me hiding in the Snuggle up area, and thought I needed some ice cream. They filled me with pistachio ice cream. Ick! I hate pistachios! Whoever decided that would make a good flavor is NUTS! So, I went on a rampage and let my feelings show. I spewed pistachio ice cream all over the library.

Then the librarians made a contest out of finding me. It was ridiculously difficult to hide from all the kids everyday. Of course, they found me. The librarians were nice, though. They understood that sometimes we get angry. They helped me purge the pistachios and filled me with mint chocolate chip. 

Now we are all friends, and I have been invited to share my favorite books with you. So, grab a scoop and get ready for some awesome book suggestions.  

Conezilla reading