Fandomonium Costume Contest Guidelines

At Fandomonium (Saturday, April 8th), we want to make sure everyone has a great time! But to make sure everyone has a great time, we have a few rules for costumes.

Your costume must obey the basic dress code of the Alachua County Library - this means shoes! It also means that you must be able to safely enter, walk around, and exit the library without hurting yourself, hurting others, or having to turn sideways to get through a door. Dresses should not be extremely wide. Masks should allow you to see and be easily removed for security reasons.

Additionally, your costume should be family friendly. This will be a family event, and the library will also be open to the general public during Fandomonium. Try to keep blood to a minimum, gore nonexistent, and, while we understand that some characters are just plain designed with revealing costumes, if your costume is unduly shocking to other patrons, we might ask you to change.

You cannot have any real weapons! This includes metal weapons of any kind, including swords, shuriken, aluminum bats, etc., and of course real guns. Foam weapons, plastic weapons, and the like are encouraged, but any realistic-looking gun props MUST have orange tips. If your weapon violates our rules, or if it doesn’t yet still looks like it could hurt people, we will ask you to remove it from the library.

Remember: cosplay is not consent. If you want to hug, touch, or take a picture of a cool cosplayer, ask for permission. A costume is not an invitation to be touched, in any way, and every library patron retains the right to their personal privacy, no matter what they’re wearing. If anyone crosses this line with you, Fandomonium staff, library staff, and library security will all be happy to help.

If you’re planning on entering our costume contest, you need to keep in mind that you will need to register when you arrive. Even if you don’t get to be a finalist, there will be something cool for everyone who enters—we will have a professional photobooth set up with registration, and we’ll be taking pictures of every contestant and posting them to social media in the days after the con (provided you sign the model release that will be on the registration form—you can opt out, although we’ll still take your photo for contest prejudging.) If you’ve had to modify your costume to fit any of the above rules, just tell us, and we’ll make sure it doesn’t count against you in the judging process.

Posted by SallyB on March 24, 2017