COVID-19 Code of Conduct Procedures

The following items are added to the Library Code to Conduct as an addendum and shall continue until further notice.

1. Library patrons, age six and older, must wear a face covering at all times while in the building.

a. For those unable to wear a face covering, reasonable accommodations will include making a reservation to use a computer at a designated location.

b. Face coverings must:

     i. Fully cover the nose and mouth, and secure under the chin

     ii. Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face

     iii. Allow the wearer to remain hands-free

c. The following are not permitted:

     i. Neck gaiters

     ii. Face coverings with valves, mesh or holes of any kind

2. Library patrons must successfully complete and pass the screening process before entering the building.

3. Patrons that are sick, or have a fever of 100 degrees or higher, or are actively coughing or sneezing shall not enter library buildings, even if they are wearing a face covering.

4. Library patrons will practice social distancing at all times, ensuring a minimum of six feet distance to others.

5. While in the library buildings, patrons shall practice good hygiene by properly washing hands or using hand sanitizer.

6. While in the library building, patrons shall remain in the clearly defined designated areas.

7. While in the library building, patrons will not be able to eat or drink.

8. Minors (those under age 12) must be accompanied by, and under the direct supervision of their own parent or legal guardian at all times.

9. Patrons visiting the buildings may do so for no longer than the allotted time for library service.

10. Patrons shall return all borrowed materials via the external book returns or designated space outside of the building.

11. No group or class visits shall be permitted. Meeting spaces are not available.
Any person who violates these rules of behavior will be asked to leave Library property immediately.

The Library Code of Conduct is available at