Access Flipster

person viewing a business magazine on a tablet

Find magazines you love on our Flipster digital newsstand

  • All you need is your library card. No account is required.
  • Magazines open directly in any computer, tablet, or mobile device browser. No software is required.
  • Back issues are available to April 2014.
  • Apple and Android apps are available for offline reading on mobile devices.
  • Please note: some titles have time limits, but can be redownloaded

eMagazines available through Flipster include:

  • Allrecipes
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Do it Yourself
  • Essence
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • People
  • Real Simple
  • Southern Living
  • Time

Flipster is available in addition to our OverDrive eMagazine collection.  Find out more about our eMagazines and our digital collections on our eMagazines page and our Download page..

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