Mobile library

Download books, audiobooks, magazines, and music onto your mobile device from our library's digital media collection.

Overdrive eBooks and eAudiobookseBooks & eAudiobooks
Install the OverDrive app for your compatible Windows or Mac computer, or iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire mobile device, and download our library's Overdrive eBooks & eAudiobooks directly to your app.

RBdigital logoeAudiobooks & eMagazines
RBdigital users must first register for an account online in their browser (it's not possible in the app).  Then, install the RBdigital app for your Windows or Mac computer, or iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire compatible mobile device, and start downloading eAudiobooks and eMagazines directly to your app.

logo image for the Flipster app for the iPadeMagazines
Get instant access to popular eMagazines provided by Flipster and download the app for iOS and Android compatible mobile devices.

Freegal LogoeMusic
Install the Freegal app for your compatible iOS or Android mobile device and download music directly to your app (iOS users should download our Freegal music to your computer for a backup and better music file management on your mobile device.


Find out how to get a library card if you don't have one.

You can also read more about our digital media collections for your computers and eReaders.

Posted by OttoP on June 13, 2018