cartoon image of shark smilingShark Quick Facts

Did you know there are 368 kinds of sharks? Did you know that sharks do not have bones, but rather have soft cartilage in their skeletons? Did you know that sharks have many teeth in rows? Did you know that a shark's sense of smell is 10,000 times better than a human's? Sharks are ancient creatures and have been around for 420 million years. Commonly known types of sharks include: great white shark, tiger shark, whale shark and hammerhead shark. Learn more facts about sharks at easyscienceforkids.


Shark Crafts

There are simple instructions at hellowonderful for making an Easy Cardboard Shark Costume, a Paper Tube Shark, a Clothespin Shark, and some Shark Suncatchers, among other projects for preschoolers. For more creative fun, you will find out how to make Paper Roll Sharks, Paper Plate Shark Jaws, Paper Plate Shark Masks, Shark Popcorn Holders, along with ideas for a Shark Party at redtedart.

Shark Jokes

What does a shark like to eat with peanut butter?     Jellyfish!

Where do sharks go for vacation?     Fin-land.

Why won't sharks eat clowns?     Because they taste funny.

More Shark Information

The Alachua County Library District has many shark books in picturebooks and in children's non-fiction. Find out more about sharks at the eSource World Book for Kids.

Baby Shark Song

Baby Shark Dance | #babyshark Most Viewed Video | Animal Songs | PINKFONG Songs for Children

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