Exhibit and Display Policy

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved by: Date:
Board of Trustees 10-17-90
Revised 08/16/17
Governing Board 10-25-90

The library makes every effort to allow as many people as possible to exhibit, but limited space means that only a few of the many requests to display items in the library can be granted. Decisions on which exhibits to display at Headquarters are made by the Headquarters Public Services Administrator who may delegate the responsibility to a committee or other staff. Decisions for branch libraries are made by Branch Managers.

The display of exhibits in the library is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Nothing shall be exhibited in the library without official permission.
  2. Art must be work of professional quality. In the case of special groups, such as children, the judgment of an Administrator shall be accepted.
  3. No exhibit may advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for public office or a vote for or against any proposition, political or otherwise.
  4. No exhibit shall contain a receptacle for donations, and no exhibit may advocate or solicit for any product or item sold by any commercial enterprise.
  5. Whenever possible, exhibits shall incorporate materials from library collections which are related to the subject of the display.
  6. The source of the exhibit must be identifiable by the public. Exhibited items may not carry price tags, but exhibitor’s name and address may be provided on a small sign with the exhibit.
  7. The Library shall control the scheduling, content and arrangement of all exhibits and reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of display. Placement of exhibits must not interfere with normal operation of the Library.
  8. Hanging exhibits must be hung according to methods and instructions given by library staff. Art items for hanging must be outfitted with the proper hardware and weigh less than 30 pounds. Two-dimensional art should be sturdily framed with hooks and wires attached. The library reserves the right to veto arrangements for displaying any item on the grounds of damage to walls, safety of patrons and staff, or other criteria it deems appropriate.
  9. Exhibits will be given reasonable care and protection within the limits of the usual operation of the library, but the library does not assume responsibility for damage or loss suffered on the premises, nor the costs of insurance coverage. Such costs, losses, damages, etc., are the responsibility of those persons providing the exhibit. A signed statement of insurance coverage (or if uninsured, a statement releasing the library from responsibility) must be provided when the exhibit is established.
  10. Exhibitor is responsible for installing and dismantling the exhibit on schedule. Library staff may assist if exhibitor is present. If staff must dismantle the exhibit after the scheduled removal date, they will not be responsible for any damage. All work must be done during hours when staff are available.
  11. The Exhibit Information and Waiver of Liability Form must be completed and signed by exhibitor.
  12. Exhibitors must sign the Exhibit Loan Agreement listing all pieces exhibited. At the end of the exhibit, exhibitor must again sign the Agreement indicating that all materials have been returned.