Fall Teen Art Show Results

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This year’s Fall Teen Art Show was a huge success thanks to our teens and local educators. A whopping 110 pieces were submitted, ranging from sculptures to paintings, digital art, and more - far exceeding the number of pieces submitted for each Teen Art Show in the past five years. From around the county, 60 teens ages 12-15 submitted artwork. Entries came from students of Oak View Middle School, Kanapaha Middle School, Eastside High School, Gainesville High School, St. Patrick Interparish Catholic School, Buchholz High School, and more. These talented teens submitted some truly phenomenal pieces. 

Four local judges had the difficult task of judging 110 pieces of artwork. One of the judges, an artist from the Gainesville Fine Arts Association, said, “It has been a great experience to be again the judge of such amazing pieces of talented young artists. I have noticed many have improved their abilities from past years. Congratulations to the winners and I hope those that did not win, do not give up and continue to work hard in their artworks.” We thank the judges for taking the time to view, analyze, and judge all of this year’s artwork. 

In lieu of the public voting, over 60 library employees voted on their favorite piece to award the Staff Favorite. Library staff had an especially hard time picking just one piece as their favorite. They had this to say about the artwork:

  • “Lots of great art, so it was hard to choose.”

  • “They never make it easy for us, do they? These teens are so talented! This year I had to rely on my heartstrings for a final choice of fav.” 

  • “There is something about it that is super reminiscent of old masters. Like, it combines Monet with French pastoral painters. I dig it.”

  • “The choices were hard especially as you make your choice and go further and find something else.”

Without further ado, the results are…

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Heaven Knows

by Grace Lohengrin Vives

Two eyes with thick eyelashes, thin eyebrows, a nose and mouth. Face appears very bright.

Best Drawing

Bea's Plant

by Beatrix Dold

A wide leafed plant sits in jar filled with water

Best Portrait


by Kaitlan Venuto

A person with brown hair, red lips, long nose, thin eyebrows, and brown eyes looks to the left with their hand on their nose

Best Mixed Media

Giraffe Fantasy 

by Mariah Morrison 

A brown tall giraffe steps in front of a sparkly, light colored background


Best Painting

Staff Favorite


by Sophie Menet

A black and white image that shwos a lamp, a tray, a plant in a vase, a giant seashell and a basket resting on a couch

Best Logo

Colorful Clock 

by Carolyn Deng

A clock with green, yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue behind white squiggly lines that make a circle around the yellow center with the black clock hands

Honorable Mention

David in Detail

by Kaylee Bleeker

A drawing of a statue of a man with a chiseled jaw, curly hair, and muscular torso

Honorable Mention


by Austin Colonel Magwood

A portrait of a dog with many colors including red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and brown. The dog has long ears.

Honorable Mention


by Alana Keller

A red and yellow sky hangs above a person in a red skirt with a brown umbrella and a yellow, orange, and black staff who is also underneath a large tree who's canopy is red with black dots

Honorable Mention


Fall Teen Art Show