Clap When You Land By Elizabeth Acevedo

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The National Book Award winning author of The Poet X; Elizabeth Acevedo, returns to her striking verse with her third young adult novel, Clap When You Land.

Told in the dual perspectives of Yahaira and Camino Rios tells the story of two Dominican half-sisters brought together after their father is tragically killed in an airplane crash. As they reconstruct their lives without their father, the girls are forced to face the reality of their existance and place in each other's lives. 

In her Author's Note, Elizabeth Acevedo writes: 

Most families are messy; most parents will fail to live up to the hero worship of their children. In Clap When You Land, I wanted to write a story that considered who matters and deserves attention in the media, as well as a more intimate portrayal of what it means to discover secrets, to discover family, to discover the depths of your own character in the face of great loss—and gain.

This novel told in verse offers a poignant dive into the realities of grief and the complexities of family and familial bonds and as an Afro-Dominican herself, Elizabeth Acevedo offers a truly genuine portrayal of Dominican lives both in the Dominican Republic and in the diaspora. 

Check out Clap When You Land (available in print and digital) from your local library today and if you haven't already, make sure to check out other great works by Elizabeth Acevedo as well. 

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Watch the video below for a tour of Elizabeth Acevedo's childhood, New York neighborhood and a deep-dive discussion into her inspiration for writting Clap When You Land

Morningside Heights, New York City Tour | Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

Posted by LiselyL on August 1, 2020