Wizard for hire: a review by Jerick

Ozzy doesn’t know who took his parents, or why they were killed.  So, as any logical individual would do, he hires a wizard to track them down.  Somewhere along the way, he acquires a sentient metal bird, and falls in love with the wizard’s daughter.  But what happens when they find his parents’ killers?  Read Wizard for hire (which is first in a series by Obert Skye) to find out…


And when you finish, here are some questions for you to think about:


1.  Would you like to be a wizard?  If so, what would be your first mission be?  

2.  How would you react to a metal bird who can talk and think on its own?

3.  Why do you think Ozzy's parents were taken?

Posted by LisaF on October 9, 2020