2021 Bucket List Game

Have you ever created a list of things to do in a month or a year and just lost track of it? Do you have a mental list of things you love doing, but never get around to? Then this game is for you! 

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Let's build up some excitement for upcoming 2021 and share the enthusiasm. This is not a ‘things to do in a lifetime” bucket list: It is a list of fun, achievable things you want to realize during 2021. Your list can have things you've loved doing before, things you want to discover, or just plain old fun things you want to include in you life this upcoming year.  The idea is to get you doing: so start your list and fill it with  things to do on a Sunday, things to do this winter, things to do when you’re bored, etc.

Make 2021 a year of crossing off satisfying bucket list ideas and striving to get more out of life. So let’s get going using these guidelines:

  1. Get a group together who want to share in the game and decide how you want to share your achievements.
  2. Each member creates a list of 50 (or what ever number the group agrees on) things to do in 2021 with an eye to self care, fun, recreation, or rediscovering ourselves, etc. Keep your listed activities short and well defined splitting up entries if needed (e.g if you want to lose weight, split it up into smaller achievable goals like 2lbs by Jan. 8, then another 2lbs by Jan 16, etc).
  3. Then cheer each other on as you as you share your achievements by email, Facebook, group text, etc.
  4. Celebrate each success and NO FRETTING if you miss a deadline! Keep moving forward with joy!

Looking for some inspiring books on life or self care goals? 

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