Hawthorne Book Club Activities

Our Hawthorne Book Club meet Thursday, August 3, at the Hawthorne Branch Library from 5:30 PM to about 6:55 PM. Judy lead seven of us in discussion of Summer by Edith Wharton. In addition, we talked a bit about Warton’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Age of Innocence. Judy served items mentioned in the book: chocolate candy, cheese sandwiches, and apple slices; she displayed on the table with each item a copy of the reference in the book. We discussed at length the various characters and their actions. As always we enjoyed the insights of various members present. Recall that we previously made the following selections taking us through most of the rest of the year:                      

2017           Title                               Author                                Discussion leader

Sept 7         The Whip                      by Karen Kondazian          Barbara 

Oct 5           The Dark Flood Rise     by Margaret Drabble          Jo Ann 

Nov 2           Literary Pot Luck

Keep thinking about a descriptive name for our group. As we eat at the November meeting, we will discuss this issue.

When we meet on September 7, we will discuss some selections for December, January and perhaps February. Please send me your suggestions, and I’ll compile a list to send out with the meeting reminder a week before the September meeting.

As always we had a good discussion, enjoyable companionship, and interesting refreshments. Invite others to join us if you wish.