Hawthorne Book Club Activities

Eleven members of the Hawthorne Book Club met on Thursday, June 1, at 5:30 PM to discuss The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. Pat started off the discussion by showing us photos of a barge from a recent trip her friends had taken. Group members were divided in their reaction to the book; some liked it and some did not. She asked us several questions leading to a lively discussion (as usual). One of the points of discussion was the role of women in a marriage, and then to various comments about the concept of “open marriage”. Our most poignant topic was about whether it is better/easier to be told a lie about an event or the hard truth (about death, cause of death, etc.). In the case of this book, the main character was led to believe that his lover had chosen to leave him when in fact she was terminally ill.

Joy delighted us with Thirteen Desserts (a Christmas Tradition mentioned in the book) for refreshments. These included baked items, various fresh and dried fruit. Wow! Someone commented that we are a group who like to eat and as an aside we read and discuss interesting books.

Mention was made of needing a snappier more descriptive name for our group. As we eat at the November meeting, we will discuss this issue. Recall that we previously made the following selections taking us through most of the rest of the year:                                                                                                         

2017       Title                             Author                            Discussion leader

July 6     Lab Girl                        by Hope Jahern             Joyce 

Aug 3     Summer                       by Edith Wharton           Judy 

Sept 7    The Whip                     by Karen Kondazian      Barbara 

Oct 5     The Dark Flood Rise    by Margaret Drabble      Jo Ann

Nov 2     Literary Pot Luck

Please invite other readers to join us. We always learn from the shared experience whether we have read the book or not.

Upcoming events include the “Okra a la Cross Creek” event at the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Farm in Cross Creek on Saturday, June17, at 2:30 PM.