Get Caught Reading

Get Caught Reading is a campaign that started in 1999.  Currently managed by Every Child a Reader, it's a nationwide program to promote a lifelong love for reading.  They do this with the help of celebrities, authors, sport stars, and beloved book characters who pose for pictures with books.  It’s a great way to show that, no matter what, young or old, man or woman, everyone enjoys a good book.  You can read a little bit about the history on

Join the library district as we celebrate Get Caught Reading all through the month of May.  Whether it’s curled up on a comfy sofa or surrounded by loved ones, have your picture taken with a book, and share it with us on our socials (see very bottom of the page!)  Need a recommendation?  We’ve got you covered with NoveList Plus!
What is NoveList Plus? It's a library database that helps people find their next book by making recommendations for what to read next. NoveList Plus has tons of cool features!  For example, read-alikes.  This feature suggests titles that are similar to other titles, whether by subject, theme, or writing style.  Another cool feature are their booklists.  For example, think you love Historical Fiction?  Well, what kind?  NoveList Plus booklists breaks down genres from their broadest of terms.  For Historical Fiction, you can choose from African American Historical Fiction, Family Sagas, Victorian Era, Bibical Fiction, and more.

Readers will also find:
•    Listen-alike recommendations for audiobooks
•    Series information
•    A single place for reviews
•    Lists! (top ten, best of, favorites, etc.)
•    Award winners, all in one place

Here’s a sample of NoveList Plus suggestions:

Karen Memory coverKaren Memory
Author: Elizabeth Bear
Description: A tale set in late nineteenth century steampunk Seattle finds orphaned Karen working in a high-quality bordello, where she confronts a powerful man who owns a dangerous mind-control machine.

NoveList Booklist: The Weird Wild West – “Westerns are alive and kicking, with many of their beloved elements cropping up in cross-overs with mystery, fantasy, SF, and horror stories. Dig your spurs into some wild new-fangled Western reads, pardners!”

The Vanishing coverThe Vanishing
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Description: Decades after a mysterious explosion causes the members of their community to develop strange otherworldly symptoms, local investigator Cat teams up with an enigmatic scientist to stop a killer who may be behind a partner’s disappearance.

NoveList Booklist: Best Romances 2020 – “What's not to love? NoveList Librarians are sweet on these top romances from 2020.”

The Wolves of Winter coverThe Wolves of Winter
Author: Tyrell Johnson
Description: A brave survivor in a post apocalypse society broken by nuclear war and disease practices hunting skills in the snowy Canadian Yukon before being compelled into a role she never imagined by an enigmatic man who carries dark secrets.

NoveList Booklist: Quarantine Reads: Pandemic Apocalypse Fiction – Suspenseful, imaginative novels about pandemic survivors in post-apocalyptic worlds. 

The Corn Maiden coverThe Corn Maiden
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Description: A volume of six stories and novellas by the National Book Award-winning author of We Were the Mulvaneys includes the title story, in which the disappearance of a sweet blonde-haired child is linked to her mother's indiscretions, a too-obvious schoolteacher and an older student with a fascination for a Native American legend.

NoveList Booklist: Psychological Horror – Are the monsters real -- or only imagined? Maybe it's a bit of both? Sometimes even allies aren't who -- or what -- they seem. Psychological tension amps up the fear factor in each of these reads.

The Mist coverThe Mist
Author: Jonasson Ragnar
Description: In this gripping conclusion of the Hidden Iceland series, Detective Hulda is haunted forever by the events that occurred in an isolated farm house in the east of Iceland that opened its doors to a killer.

NoveList Booklist: Nordic Noir – Cool, complex crime fiction that showcases Scandinavian characters and settings. Velkommen!

Giovanni's Room coverGiovanni’s Room
Author: James Baldwin
Description: When David meets the sensual Giovanni in a bohemian bar, he is swept into a passionate love affair. But his girlfriend's return to Paris destroys everything. Unable to admit to the truth, David pretends the liaison never happened - while Giovanni's life descends into tragedy.

NoveList Booklist: Audiobooks: LGBTQIA – This collection contains LGBTQ+ titles for adults and teens. Each title relates in some way to the LGBTQ+ experience, ranging from classics to the latest bestsellers.