Easy Peasy DIY Mother's Day Card


This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated in the United States on, Sunday, May 9th.

It is a special day that mothers, and those serving as mother figures, can look forward to each year; whether they simply get to relax, be pampered, receive gifts, or enjoy the company of their family members and loved ones.

It can also be a fun time for little ones as they have a very special reason to give mom something that they can be really proud of. ... But did you know that Anna Jarvis, who is considered to be the "mother" of Mother's Day, never intended for Mother's Day to be a day of commercialized gift giving?

In fact, she spent the latter part of her life trying to rescind the holiday that she worked so hard to have nationally recognized.[1]

Shocking, right?

"She didn't want it to be turned into a beggars' day," ... "She thought even poor mothers were rich if they had their kids' love."[2]

Still, the tradition continues and you have the opportunity to honor both the modern Mother's Day traditions, as well as the non-commercialized wishes of Jarvis by helping your little one to make a DIY Mother's Day card.

Check out the video above to learn how.

You can also find other free DIY crafts by logging into Creativebug using your library card.

Help your child learn more about celebrating Mother's Day with these books from the Alachua County Library District's catalog.



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Posted by TabreW on May 2, 2021