The more we save

It's springtime already.  It's April already.  The weather is warmer, leaves are falling, flowers are blooming and many people are dealing with seasonal allergies. Other than the heavy pollen and worms invading the area, being outside is so refreshing. If you have not done so yet, take a moment to take off your mask and have yourself a walk. You will not believe how refreshing the walk can be.

Once again, Money Smart Week is approaching, April 10-17, 2021.  This program was originated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. They partner with the American Library Association  (ALA), as well as other organizations, to share within their communities financial information that will increase the patrons' knowledge on earning, spending and saving money. 

We can see how fast time is moving. Before we know it, the special winter holidays when we exchange gifts with our family and friends is quickly approaching; such as: Christmas, Gita Jayanti, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, to name only a few. A great way to prepare for these special holidays is to plan ahead. In this case, to plan ahead means to save money. Below is a chart that can be used by the youngest family member to the oldest.

From April 1, through November 25, are 239 days before Black Friday. That’s the big shopping day after Thanksgiving Day. 

Please see the chart below. It demonstrates how to save money for the special days ahead.

If a dime was saved every day, for 239 days, the total would be $23.90.
Saving fifteen cents per day for 239 days, the total would be $35.88. 

Do you see the pattern? 

Obviously, the more we save, the more the total will be when Black Friday rolls around on November 26, 2021 (the day after Thanksgiving Day). 

Are you up for the challenge?

239 x .10 = $23.90  

239 x.15 = $35.88

239 x .25 = $59.75

239 x .50 = $119.50

239 x 1.00= 239.00

Posted by AlyceW on April 1, 2021