Pranks for April Fools

It was April Fools' Day, not too long ago.

Two coworkers decided to celebrate by playing a harmless joke on a non-suspecting colleague.

As the non-suspecting colleague sat next to her coworker at the service desk, the phone rang and the coworker quickly answered to serve the calling patron.

"Thank you for calling the Alachua County Library District. How may I help you?"

"Ma'am? ... So you say that you backed up and accidentally hit a vehicle in the parking lot; but you had to go because you're late for picking up your grandson from school?"

"Ok ... Yes, Ma'am. So it got dinged up pretty badly, huh? ... Oh, wow! ... So it was a silver SUV. Did you happen to get ..."

The non-suspecting coworker begins to quietly mouth, with exaggerated facial expressions, "What? That sounds like my car. Is it my car?"

The coworker continues with the patron on the phone; but the non-suspecting colleague can hear no more.

She begins to walk outside to check her vehicle ... and on the rear window of her car, she finds a sign just like this one ...

Black and white sign reading, "April Fools!!"

She doubled over in laughter. Embarrassed to have to take the long walk back down the sidewalk to the building where now all of the other employees were aware of the prank.

They laughed from the large windows, while some waited outside of the building entrance doubled over in their own laughter.

What else was there to do? She had been GOT.

I am she. And she is me.

Yes. My colleagues got me good; and I get to enjoy the laughter of reminiscing on that story continually.

Another April Fools' Day is right around the corner and it is the BEST time for pranks and giggles.  It is unclear how this day of pranks originated; but it is celebrated and enjoyed by many.

Not only that, the entire month of April is known as National Humor Month.  So if finding a reason to smile has been difficult for you and others that you know, lately; why not purposely get prepared to share a month of laughter (or at least a day) with those you care for by planning a prank, or a few, of your own?

Not only are pranks fun, there are also many health benefits to laughter like, stress relief, boosting the immune system and improved heart health, among others.  It's like taking a dose of medicine without having to pay a visit to the doctor, or a natural remedy we take regularly on our journey to complete wellness. We all could use that, right?

Then let's get prank-a-lackin'! (Get it? Like, CRACK-A-LACKIN'. ... Your ARE laughing, right? Please tell me you're laughing. I literally just took the time to write that in my Marty voice from the movie Madagascar.)

Ok. Let's just get going. No more corny jokes. The remainder of this blog will simply be prankalicious.  (Ok. I couldn't resist that one. Moving right along now.)

Clears throat.

In creating your own prank, there are some elements that you must first consider:

Thinking emoji1)  Know your suspect. (Pranks are not "one size fits all".  You don't have a chance of "getting them good" if you don't know what they are afraid of, what makes them laugh, or what gets "under their skin".)

2)  Choose your timeline. (You must give careful thought to when your prank might actually work.)

  • Should there be others around?
  • Should the supsect be alone?
  • When is the suspect(s) likely to be in the location of the prank?
  • When will you complete any necessary set up without the suspect knowing?

3)  Communicate the plan and get agreement for participation and secrecy from any other persons necessary to execute the plan.

4)  Gather any necessary supplies. (Ex. Buckets, tape, food/drinks, cameras, recording devices, etc.)

5)  Make sure your prank is completely harmless and no one will be physically hurt or emotionally scarred by your plan! (Don't lose friends, get excommunicated or end up needing an ambulance.  Everyone should have enjoyed the gesture in the end.)

After you've completed all of these elements, there's nothing left to do but to execute your plan and laugh!

Just know in advance, that if for some reason your plans fail or backfire, the joke is now on you; and you have to be willing to laugh at yourself, too. Lol!

Here are some example pranks and books about pranks to help get your creative juices flowing.

M&M's and Skittles Mix

Skittles and M&M's mixed together

Supplies: Large pack of M&M's, Small pack of Skittles, Bowl


1)  Pour M&M's into bowl

2)  Add Skittles to bowl

3)  Mix

4)  Offer to others, or simply sit the bowl in an open area for others to "try"

Cat lying down with stretched eyes and talking bubble above head reading, "Meow?"Video Chat Meow

Try this prank originated in the movie Super Troopers while video chatting with your grandparents, or in general conversation with anyone.

Supplies: Device capable of video chat (optional)


1)  Begin a casual conversation with someone.

2)  Purposely use sentences including the word "now", except replace it by using the word "meow".

3)  See how long it takes for them to realize and actually ASK, "Are you saying, meow?"

cups of water spread throughout floor blocking access to toiletWater in the Bathroom

Ever heard of turning on the water faucet in the bathroom to help you tinkle? What about having water all over the bathroom when you already need to go? ... Yeah, no need for that reminder. Just the thought of it makes me have to go. Here's how it works:

Supplies:  Lots of cups, Water


1)  Gather as many cups as it would take to create a "barrier" to the toilet in the bathroom that you will use to set up the prank.

2)  Fill each cup with water and strategically place them around the bathroom where it would be impossible to access the toilet without moving them.

Tip:  Be careful not to block the swing of the door when the suspect opens it; and choose a set up time wherein you can be sure no one else (like yourself!) will need to use the restroom other than the intended target.

3)  Wait for the reaction.

Posted by TabreW on March 31, 2021