Space is a blast!

Are you homeschooling young children this year? - Or just trying to keep your preschool aged children entertained?

Does it seem like you're running out of things to do, places to go?

Has this pandemic dampened your travel plans, anticipated field trips, and ideas for new places to safely visit?

Well, why not gather the kids and blast off into outer space - all while learning about a new and exciting career?

Where's the Astronaut book cover and catalog hyperlink

Where's the Astronaut? Is a lift-the-flap book, providing a sensory experience while using one of the simplest methods of educating your young child on what he or she might encounter in space as an astronaut.

The ABCs of Space book cover and catalog hyperlink

The ABCs of Space "grows with your reader" by offering three levels of text, in differing colors, to help the parent distinguish which information to share with their little one from "beginner to beyond".  The author, Chris Ferrie, "believes it is never too early to introduce small children to big ideas".

Baby Astronaut book cover and catalog hyperlink

Help your child discover that she, too, can travel into outer space with, Baby Astronaut.  This book explores the life of Baby Astronaut as she conquers her space travels - and ends them by returning home to her own bed. It is a part of the, Baby Scientist series. 

Take a look here, in the Alachua County Library District's catalog, for other out of this world careers that you and your little ones can explore through this series.

Future Astronaut book cover and catalog hyperlink

Could your baby be an astronaut? Find out in the pages of Future Astronaut, as the typical activities of an astronaut are compared to similar activities that baby engages in regularly.

This book is also a part of a series, Future Baby, wherein you and your child can explore what life might be like after becoming the president!

For more space fun, check out:

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Posted by TabreW on September 29, 2020