Voting for kids!

Do you exercise your right to vote?

Does your child?

Well, maybe not in the general election; but you can certainly start preparing them to understand what it means to vote, the power in their vote, and why that right is so special.

Let's start with an idea to get your child voting for something that they can get excited about today!

What shall we have for lunch?

Of course, your child can just tell you what they'd like. ... But, hey! We're emphasizing the right to vote here.

So, will turkey, PB&J, or mac and cheese be the winner?

You can take a vote by the count of raised hands for each choice, or you can get really snazzy and create a ballot box to place at the voting precinct (the table of your choice, right in your own home). ... Perfection!

Just cover a shoe box with paper (using tape or glue) and cut a small slot into the top for your child to place his or her ballot inside. You might also simply reuse an empty tissue box.

Here's an example of how it would look:

ballot box

Ballots are easy!

Cut notebook paper (or a different type of paper of your choice) into small squares; or simply use index cards.

Children who have already begun to practice their writing skills, can use pencils at the voting station to write in their choice.

For younger children, you might want to print pictures of the choices (older children might enjoy drawing their own picture on the ballot).

To cast their vote, have them place the corresponding photo into the ballot box. 

Here's what that might look like:

turkey sandwhich pb&jmac & cheese

And for you super parents who want to protect your child's right to privacy ... or you just love a surprise, like I do - why not create a partition to place at the voting station?

You'll only need to reuse a cardboard box, or purchase a project display board and decorate it as you like.

Here's an example:

voting booth

You can use this example for voting for kids, or most certainly, choose something more impactful for your child and family's interests, to help your child begin to exercise his or her voting rights now.

Voting in this manner may become something that your family decides to engage in on a regular basis. ... Or you just might want to save that "homemade precinct" for Election Day, so your child gets to vote right along with you!

Check out these books from the Alachua County Library District's children's collection to help explain to your child the power of voting and how special it is to be able to exercise that right:

book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover

Just click on the image of any book that you are interested in above, to place a hold request. You may pick up your items using our curbside service or from one of our locations durig browsing hours.

Happy voting!

Posted by TabreW on October 5, 2020