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Is November the most argumentative month of the year? Starting with an election and ending with extended family gatherings, this month seems to offer more than a few chances for spirited exchanges of opinion. Whether you are arguing with distant uncles or strangers on the internet, you need the facts at your disposal. Get them at Issues & Controversies.

Why turn to the Issues & Controversies eSource?

Example list of issues by subject​This source features a plethora of articles addressing disputes in politics and policy which can be organized by subject (shown left) or alphabetically and is fully searchable. Each issue has multiple subtopics with arguments from both sides presented and fully sourced with contact information for organizations cited in the article.

Additional lists include national high school debate topics present and past as well as educator resources helping to integrate current issues into a curriculum with learning objectives and comprehension questions on a variety of topics. Student resources offer guidance for considering historical sources, judging the credibility of online information, and appropriately citing all materials.


Climate change is one of many hotly disputed issues comprehensively addressed by the Issues & Controversies eSource.Articles address disputed issues from a variety of perspectives including scientific, medical, legal and economic viewpoints. Historical background is provided covering significant changes in law or expert consensus over time as well as up to the minute developments in today's news.

So this election month if you find yourself participating  in "discussions" of hot button issues, turn to Issues & Controversies for thorough, dispassionate information and analysis on everything from labor laws to fake news.

Don't get mad. Get informed.

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Posted by DanielD on November 3, 2017