April 14 is National Look Up at the Sky Day!

There are so many things to see when you look up at the endless sky that is always above us--especially at night! The moon could be full and bright or just a tiny little crescent shape. Stars are always present in the night sky, although there could be clouds blocking your view of them. Maybe you'll see some meteors (shooting stars)? 

If you're looking up during the day, you might see a bunch of fun clouds shaped like animals. Also, living in Florida, we have a lot of beautiful sunsets! The possibilities are endless, so take some time on April 14 to look up at the big, beautiful sky above us. 

You can also check out our catalog for great materials on the moon, stars, planets, or space in general

Below are some great books to get ideas on what to search for when you look up!

  The Moon 

 The Science of Stargazing

Sky Gazing