Baby Time with Miss Odette

Baby Time offers simple rhymes, movements, and songs that you can share with your babies. Take a few minutes to enjoy this short program which offers some bonding time with your little one.

Early literacy development begins at birth as babies listen to sounds around them and make their own vocalizations. When you engage with your baby through programs like Baby Time and Music & Movement you’re contributing to the positive growth and development of your child. Our parenting page shares more information on early literacy practices, offers useful parenting sites, and includes suggestions for books and music to share with your lifting baby in air

I'm Miss Odette and I invite you to join me as I share some rhymes and songs, and demonstrate simple movements you can do with your baby at home. If you have an older child who wants to participate, they can do so by following along with their doll or stuffed animal. I look forward to seeing you and your wonderful babies back at the library, but until then, welcome to our virtual Baby Time.

Baby Time with Ms. Odette

Posted by OdetteH on August 31, 2020