Baby Time with Ms. Lisely

Baby time at the library is always a great opportunity for parents to bond and play with their babies, staff sings songs and rhymes that stimulate baby physically and mentally.

While we’re looking forward to the day when it’s safe for you and your baby to join us in the library again, today Ms. Lisely from the Headquarters branch has some fun lap bounces that you and baby can have fun with no matter where you are!

Though Ms. Lisely is holding her fox baby so you can see, you can try these bounces with your baby facing you! Baby can watch you sing along and start learning how we form words with our mouths. Lap bounces are also great for letting baby feel the beat with their whole body! Steady beats can soothe a fussy baby but learning to hold a beat can also improve physical coordination and will help baby through later developmental stages.

Ms. Lisely’s Songs:

  1. Cheek, Chin – Start learning simple body parts!
  2. Tick, Tock – An introduction to counting!
  3. Baby Hokey Pokey – More body parts to learn and lots of ticklish fun!

Looking for more fun songs to share with baby, make sure you check out our huge collection of children’s music!

Baby Time with Ms. Lisely