Black Girl Magic Story Time

The Alachua County Library District is partnering with Black Women in Medicine to bring you a story time highlighting Black History Month Friday, Feb. 26 at 11 a.m. on ZoomMedical students from the University of Florida will read picture books written by, and about, African Americans. This is a program celebrating diversity and everyone is invited to attend!Logo for Black Women in Medicine

Black Women in Medicine is an organization that strives to provide underrepresented black women with skills, knowledge, and experiences through volunteering, unity, and mentorship. They strive to empower the minds of young women so that they can become trailblazers.

Below are some recommended titles of items in our collection. Please click on the images in order to access them in our online catalog. If you would like more titles, click on an image, then the book title, and scroll down to the section below "Availability". There are suggested "Read-alikes" and "Similar Authors" to choose from.

I Am Every Good ThingMary Had A Little GlamNo Mirrors in My Nana's HouseSulweYesterday I Had The BluesPrincess Hair


Posted by DanielJ on February 10, 2021