Cooking with Kids

Stuck inside and looking for a fun activity to do with your kids? Look no further than your own kitchen! Learning to cook with your parents can be a great bonding activity for families to engage in that also challenges them to learn necessary skills and engage their creative juices. This summer you can check out some of our great kids titles for cooking and work on these skills together!

Complete Children's Cookbook 


The DK Complete Children's Cookbook takes recipes and breaks each down into a step by step process that allows children to see the technique from beginning to end. DK is well known for publishing non-fiction books that engage the reader with tidbits on each page about different aspects of the recipe, such as ingredient information and tips for the beginner chef. From rainbow salad to ham pie, this book has a recpe for each meal and all tastes.





Sandwiches by Alison Deering


Is your child a sandwich lover? Then look no further than Sandwiches! by Alison Deering. Taking beloved favorites like peanut butter and jelly and the monte cristo, Alison breaks down how to make all of our favorites and gives alternatives to try. Ever thought about putting bananas on your ham and cheese? What about marshmellow fluff on your BLT? Alison also has recipes for more complicated sandwiches, such as the Vietnamese bánh mì and New Orleans style po' boy. Not a fan of meat? Check out her vegetarian book Hold The Meat: Vegetarian Sandwiches for Kids instead.




The Forest Feast for Kids



Speaking of vegetarian meals, check out The Forest Feast for Kids, the child sized companion to The Forest Feast for adults. With beautiful pictures of food and outdoor picnic areas, creative recipes such as watermelon salad and rainbow chard quiche, this cookbook will make you appreciate the outdoors and the food you can grow in your own back yard. This book is a great template for party ideas and recipes as well, or any kid-centric gathering.





Masterchef Junior



If your child is a fan of reality TV shows or has already mastered the art of the grilled cheese, think about giving the MasterChef Junior Cookbook a try. A more advanced cookbook for the budding sous chef, this book goes over more complicated techniqgues and recipes to turn out delicious delicious such as venison tenderloin with braised cabbage and parsnip purée and West Indian lobster curry. Elevate your homecooking and teach your kids that anyone can cook!






The Pokémon Cookbook



Is your child a manga lover? An anime fan? Or just a Pokémon fanatic? Check out The Pokémon Cookbook. Taking aspects of Japanese chara-bento to make fun Pokémon inspired cuisine, this book is sure to delight any fan of the franchise. This entry-level book could jumpstart an interest in bento making, so get ready to make lunches with your kids after trying this one out!






These titles and many more available in both print and using Overdrive could get your kids intersted in cooking, so feel free to get started today!



Posted by Assh on June 5, 2020