Create Your Own LEGO Travel Tin

Create your own LEGO Travel Tin. Kids can get bored on those long car trips, or even the short car trips. Create this LEGO Travel for those car rides to keep them entertained. This craft is for children to create a fun, easy to use travel tin to store LEGOs inside and have a platform to build on but adult supervision is recommended due to the use of a hot glue gun. 

Watch this short video for instruction on how to build your very own LEGO Travel Tin. You will need the following materials to complete this craft: an Altoid tin (or something similar), duct tape, hot glue gun, hot glue stick, LEGO pieces, small LEGO platform.

Check out these materials that will give you ideas on what to build with your new LEGO Travel Tin.

LEGO Travel Tin

Posted by TraceyE on September 19, 2020