Fright-Free Halloween Reads for Little Ones

Halloween Header that reads "Fright-Free Hallowen Reads"


We've pulled together some Halloween reads for our younger friends that should be fairly fright-free!

We know, however that fears can be different for everyone so remember: You know your little one best and some of these tales do include friendly monsters, mummies, and witches (oh my!) so we encourage a quick read-through each book before sharing it just to make sure these reads are right for your family. 

So without further ado, let's get (not-so) spooky! 


Board Books

 Cover of "Pete the Cat's happy Halloween" by Kimberly & James Dean Cover of "My baby loves Halloween" by Jabari Asim Cover of "If you're spooky and you know it" by Aly Fronis Cover of "Teeny tiny ghost" by Rachel MatsonCover of "Peek-a-boooo!" by Sandra Magsamen Cover of "Where's Boo?" by Salina Yoon


Picture Books

Cover of "Sammy's spooktacular Halloween" by Mike Petrik Cover of "Sophie's Halloween disguise" by Rosemary Wells Cover of "Samurai Scarecrow: a very Ninja Halloween" by Rubin PingkCover of "10 busy brooms" by Carole Gerber Cover of "Vlad the rad" by Brigette BarragerCover of "The ghosts went floating" by Kim Norman 


Early Readers

Cover of "Disney spooky collection" Cover of "The pumpkin contest" by Meredith RusuCover of "Dragon's Halloween" by Dav Pilkey  Cover of "A tricky Halloween" by Ellie RoseCover of "Rocket and the perfect pumpkin" by Tad Hills Cover of "Chicken on a broom" by Adam Lehrhaupt 


Posted by LiselyL on October 8, 2020