Hispanic Heritage Month - Music for Kids

Studies have shown that even in very young children, music can have a positive effect on brain development and that specifically in the realm of language learning, music can be a fantastic tool! 

How exactly does music help language learning?

  • Because we try to replicate sounds when we sing, singing can improve our accent and pronounciation. 
  • Listening to and singing along with music helps expand our vocabulary and can teach us local phrases and expressions that more formal lessons might skip over. 
  • Listening to music helps you remember! Everyone knows the alphabet song! It's how we learned our A, B, Cs.

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This Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th) why not introduce your little ones to the Spanish language with these great musical resources from you local library?


                    Cover Image of Music CD "¡Alegria!" by Sonia de los Santos Cover Image of Music CD "¡Muévete!" by José-Luis Orozco Cover Image of Music CD "Coloreando" by Marta GómezCover Image of Music CD "¡C es para canta!" by Sesame Street  Cover Image of Music CD "Tú Eres Mi Flor" by Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni PazCover Image of Music CD "Canta Las Letras" by 123 Andrés 

¡Alegria! - Sonia de los Santos

  • Singer-songwriter Sonia De Los Santos releases her lively second all-ages album, which features a spirited and cheerful collection of songs that celebrates happiness.

¡Muévete!: Songs for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body - José-Luis Orozco 

  • José-Luis Orozco is an internationally acclaimed performer and composer of Spanish and English bilingual children's music. This album encourages young children to move their bodies in joyous ways

Coloreando - Marta Gómez

  • Marta Gomez and friends present a collection of beautiful and traditional children's songs from Latin America, which serve as a fun and effective way for young listeners to learn Spanish.

¡C es para canta! - Sesame Street

  • Join your favorite Sesame Street characters in these songs about singing presented in Spanish and English. 

Tú Eres Mi Flor - Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz

  • Featuring many well-known American folk songs that have been adapted for both Spanish and English-speaking children, and are filled with simple, repeated imagery, ideal for learning vocabulary.

Canta Las Letras - 123 Andrés

  • 123 Andrés make music for children and families, bringing together Latin beats for family fun and learning in both Spanish and English.


Love Sesame Street? Did you know that the makers of Sesame Street also offer a much-loved Spanish-language version called Plaza Sesamo? Check out Plaza Sesamo from your local library and check out the Plaza Sesamo website for more Spanish musical fun! 


Puppets not really you thing? Check out the Canticos Collection from your local library. These interactive books are mostly based on popular Spanish nursery rhymes and the Canticos Website offers a plethora of bilingual videos and activities too! 


Posted by LiselyL on August 21, 2020