Maple and Willow

Lori Nichols is the author and illustrator of this beautiful and often-overlooked series. The art is simple and very nature-focused. The stories are about becoming an older sibling and learning how to adapt first to the idea of having a baby sister, then how to have a baby sister with whom you sometimes don't see eye-to-eye, and then finally how to adapt to being away from her, and how she adapts to being alone, once it is time for to start going away to school. Very sweet and heartwarming reads. I would recommend them for parents of small children, as they are really enjoyable reads for adults, but there is not a ton of action. Also, a great idea for moms getting ready to have a second or third child wanting a way to start explaining it to their older children. There are a lot of great lessons about relationships, dealing with change, and children's magical connection with nature.