National Hat Day – January 15th

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On January 15th we celebrate National Hat Day and we’ve got all the information and books you need to celebrate the day in style.


A hat, by definition, is a shaped covering for the head. People who make hats are called Milliners. That name comes from the city of Milan, Italy which was once known to produce the best quality hats!


Image reads "Milliners" and has 2 photos of female Miliners


There are so many reasons to wear a hat or head covering. Hats can be worn for warmth, for protection, for religious purposes, as part of a uniform or even just as fashion. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these hats before!


Image reads "Sun hats & Beanie Caps Can help us keep cool or warm"

Image reads "Hard Hats & Sports Helmets can Protect Us from Danger"

Image reads "Some Hats (KippaH) or Head coverings (Hijab) are religious"

Image reads "Pilots and baseball players wear Hats As Parts of Their Uniforms"


With so many kinds of hats, it’s no surprise that people wear hats all over the world. That means that there’s a word for hat in so many languages! Let’s learn some!


Image shows translation of word "Hat" in several languages


Now that you’re full of all the hat knowledge you can handle, why not check out some of these fun Picture Books all about hats?


Cover of "A Good Day for a Hat" by T. Nat Fuller & Rob HodgsonCover of "Old Hat" by Emily GravettCover of "Henri's Hats" by Mike WuCover of "Hats are Not for Cats!" by Jacqueline K. RaynerCover of "Hats Off to Mr. Pockles!" by Sally Lloyd-Jones &David LitchfieldCover of "Finders Keepers" by Keiko Kasza


A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller & Rob Hodgson

Old Hat by Emily Gravett

Henri's Hats by Mike Wu

Hats are Not for Cats! by Jacqueline K. Rayner

Hats Off to Mr. Pockles! by Sally Lloyd-Jones & David Litchfield

Finders Keepers by Keiko Kasza


Cover of "I Had a Favorite Hat" by Boni Ashburn & Robyn NgCover of "You Must Bring a Hat!" by Simon Philip & Kate HindleyCover of "Tiara's Hat Parade" by Kelly Starling Lyons & Nicole Tadgell Cover of "Where's Walrus" by Stephen SavageCover of "Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau" by Andrea Beaty & David RobertsCover of "Hooray for Hat!" by Brian Won


I Had a Favorite Hat by Boni Ashburn & Robyn Ng

You Must Bring a Hat! by Simon Philip & Kate Hindley

Tiara's Hat Parade by Kelly Starling Lyons & Nicole Tadgell

Where's Walrus by Stephen Savage

Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts

Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won


Posted by LiselyL on January 11, 2021