Stay at Home Story Time: Talk Like a Pirate

library staff dressed up as piratesLandlubbers are known to use pirate words, and some even dress up like pirates, for Talk Like a Pirate Day every September 19. In the Alachua County Library District, the staff is a scurvy crew and have celebrated this day every year for the past decade.

Let's get you bilge rats ready to celebrate with a lesson on pirate talk and then some pirate jokes to make you say, "Yo-ho-ho." Thar be pirate crafts below, and a link to pirate books in the library too!



How to Talk Like a Pirate

Ahoy: hello

Arrr: yes or I agree

Avast: stop and give attention

Aye aye: I understand and will carry out your order

Be: am, is, are

Belay: stop, as in “Belay that landlubber talk.”

Bilge rat: a pirate insult

Booty: pirate treasure

Briny deep: the ocean

Cap’n: short for captain, a term of respect

Doubloons: Spanish gold coins

Jolly Roger: the pirate flag

Landlubber: a non-sailor, also used as an insult

Lass: a lady or a girl

Matey: shipmate or friend

Me hearty: my friend

Pieces o’eight: broken pieces of silver coins

Savvy: understand

Scurvy dog: a pirate insult

Shiver me timbers: an expression of surprise

Swab: to mop or clean something

Swashbucklin’: the pirate life on the high seas

Thar: there

Yo-ho-ho: pirate expression of joy or laughter


Pirate Jokes

What does a pirate say when his wooden leg freezes?  Shiver me timbers!

What is a pirate’s hairstyle called?  A crew cut.

Why don’t pirates shower before they walk the plank?  Because they will wash up on the shore later.

What is a pirate’s favorite doll?   A Baaarrrbie.

How do pirates dispose of their trash?  They throw it in the gaaarrrbage can.

What is a pirate’s favorite kind of fish?  A swordfish.

How much do pirates charge for piercing an ear?  A buck-an-ear.

What shivers at the bottom of the sea?  A nervous wreck.


Pirate Crafts

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Pirate Books

The Alachua County Library District has pirate books for children that you can place a hold on for checkout.  Learn more about pirates using the library's eSource, the World Book for Kids.


Posted by GailC on September 11, 2020