Toddler Counting

With this little video, I tried to combine multiple elements in learning. This is very much inspired by the shorts I would watch on Sesame Street as a kid. Not only do you hear me say the number, you see the word on the screen, we count the balls as they come in, and you see the clay form the number. (Color is also an added element - but not as important) If you have play dough at home, feel free to do something simliar. When you form the number out of clay, help your child trace the number with their finger. Below you'll find a couple of board books that have numbers you can trace to help reinforce this idea, as well as some DVDs and stories that incorporate numbers and counting - and remember, that OverDrive has some great counting books too.

123 count with me coverBoard Books

Dracula: a Counting Primer by Jennifer Adams

Flip, Flap, Find: Counting 123 by Violet Peto

123: Count with Me from Tiger Tales

First 100 Numbers from Priddy Books


Numbers around the globe DVDs

Baby Genius: Favorite Counting Songs

Baby Tutor: Counting

Numbers Around the Globe: Adventures in Counting

The Numbers Express



Eating Pairs cover Picture Books

Eating Pairs: Counting Fruits and Vegetables by Two by Sarah L. Schuette

The Great and Mighty Nikko!: a Bilingual Counting Book by Xavier Garza

Pete the Cat: Five Little Ducks by James Dean

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: My First 123 from Candlewick Press


Counting for Toddlers