Library Code of Conduct

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved by Board of Trustees:  
Approved: 01/16/91
Revised 06/15/94
Revised 11/19/97
Revised 03/14/07
Revised 01/16/08
Revised 08/15/12
Revised 08/16/17
Approved by Board of Trustees  
Approved: 01/24/91
Revised 07/14/94
Revised 12/11/97
Revised 05/10/07
Revised 01/24/08
Revised 09/12/12
Revised 09/06/17


The Alachua County Library District is a public, tax-supported facility with the specific and limited purpose of providing the community with resources for: information access; self-education; recreational reading, viewing, listening; supplemental support for formal education; and space for quiet study, reading, and thinking. All members of the community are welcome in the library regardless of their age, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, disability, appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, as long as they do not disrupt or interfere with another individual's ability to use the library for its intended purposes. To this end, the Alachua County Library District has set up the following rules to ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons and staff.


Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following at all Library Districts outlets (buildings, grounds, or property) including the Headquarters, Branches, bookmobiles, vehicles, deposit collections, or programs operated by the Library District.

  1. Violation of any federal, state, county, or municipal law or ordinance.
  2. Any disruptive, unsafe or threatening behavior, including harassment of library staff and including but not limited to:
    a) Use of alcohol or tobacco products (including e-cigarettes).
    b) Verbal, physical or sexual harassment of Library staff or patrons.
    c) Sleeping, loud talking or running.
    d) Improper use of public restrooms including, but not limited to: bathing and laundering.
    e) Panhandling or solicitation.
    f) Eating or drinks without secure tops. An exception will be made for refreshments in meeting rooms in compliance with the Meeting Room Policy.
    g) Bringing any animals other than service animals as defined by the ADA.
    h) Leaving children unattended. Library staff is not responsible for the safety or well-being of unsupervised children.
    i) Leaving personal belongings unattended. Library staff is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended.
    j) Refusing to leave Library property at closing time or during any emergency evacuation.
    k) Unauthorized use of library technology.
    l) Entering the Library barefooted, without a shirt, or being otherwise attired so as to be disruptive to the Library environment. Exceptions will be made for children under the age of 2 years old.
  3. All Library Staff and Patrons are expected to comply with all provisions of law. Any failure to follow the law may result in the involvement of law enforcement.

Any person who violates these rules of behavior will be asked to leave Library property. Any person who repeatedly violates any rules or who commits a single, serious violation of the rules, in addition to being asked to leave the Library property, will be subject to the provisions of section 810.08 and 810.09. F.S. The law provides that persons may be required to leave public buildings, conveyances, land and grounds, and those persons who fail to leave, after warning, can be charged with trespass. Violators may be barred from all property owned or leased by the Library District, including structures, conveyances, grounds and land.