10 Facts About the Bookmobiles!

Bookmobile at Gardenia

While we are currently off the road due to library closures, you can still learn a few facts about our Bookmobiles!

  1. The Bookmobiles go to 27 different locations throughout Alachua County — plus various Special Events!
  2. We’re a full-service library! We can help you with all general library services, with the exception of taking payments.
  3. Unlike our stationary locations, all items checked out from the Bookmobile are due in 4 weeks — even DVDs and Music CDs!
  4. You can request the Bookmobiles for your event through the Library website (once we're back to providing regular services).
  5. Each Bookmobile houses between 1500-2000 items on the shelves, not including requested materials for patrons.
  6. If we don't have a title that you want to check out, you can request that the item be brought to your stop.
  7. The Bookmobile’s farthest stop is in Evinston — with La Crosse being the next farthest by half a mile!
  8. The Bookmobile staff are also the drivers! We take turns driving to and from our stops.
  9. The Bookmobiles go to schools, apartment complexes, parking lots, retirement communities, and various other locations.
  10. The Bookmobiles participate in the year-round Vehicle Days at Alachua County Schools.

Check the Bookmobile Stop Schedule to see which stop is most convenient for you and visit us when we're back on the road!