Cringefest: Films so bad it's good

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it’s good? A movie that made you cringe and laugh at all the wrong parts? Then these films are for you! These are great for when you need a good laugh and are excellent for roasting with friends.

Howard the DuckHoward the Duck (1986) Rated PG

The film that proved that not everything that George Lucas touched was gold, Howard the Duck is considered one of the first and the worst comic book adaptions of all time. Intended to be an animated film, the titular Howard is a sleazy 27 year old from an alternative duck universe who runs into a rocker girl and goes on a wild duck chase as he tries to get back to his world. Watch the trailer here.









Best Worst Movie (2010) Not RatedBest Worst Movie

This documentary about my personal favorite bad film of all time, Troll 2, covers the glorious mess that was this stand alone Goblin-centric feature. Created by the child star of the original 1990 film, this documentary discusses what it took to get one of the worst films completed and how it has impacted his life, as well as the cult status of the titular film. Watch the trailer here.








Mommie DearestMommie Dearest (1981) Rated PG

Based on Christina Crawford's autobiography of her life as the unhappy adopted daughter of Hollywood actress Joan Crawford, this camp fest is filled with iconic scenes of pure accidental hilarity. Though a commercial success, the over the top dramatic acting by Faye Dunaway turns this serious film into a great comedy. Watch the trailer here.









Batman & RobinBatman & Robin (1997) Rated PG-13

A sequel to Batman Forever with an almost entirely new cast, this film is remembered more for the additions to Batman’s costume than for its plot. The lowest grossing Batman film and the only silver screen time ever afforded to Batgirl, this laugh fest includes the eco-terrorist Poison Ivy and a neon drag race with Dr. Freeze’s minions. Watch the trailer here.









The RoomThe Room (2003) Rated R

One of the most famous bad films of all time, this semi-autobiographical film centers on the love triangle between Johnny, his fiancée Lisa, and his best friend Mark, as well as numerous, unfinished subplots all taking place in a single room. Actor Greg Sestero (Mark) wrote a book about the production of The Room that was turned into the film The Disaster Artist starring James Franco, which received numerous award nominations and critical acclaim, unlike the original. Watch a clip of the film here.






Movie 43Movie 43  (2013) Rated R

An anthology film that managed to trick dozens of A-List stars into filming short, terribly written vignettes, this film has no meaning and no publicity for a reason. With 14 different storylines and none of them particularly good, this film highlights the fact that with enough time and effort you too could get Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslett, and Hugh Jackman to join your terrible film. Watch the trailer here.

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Posted by Assh on July 25, 2020