Great Unexplained Movies

Unexplained Movies

Ever got to the end of the movie and thought, “what just happened?”  In my opinion the best movies are the ones that get away with not explaining a darn thing.  It gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself what did it all mean and all the many ways the story can continue to unfold.  Here’s a list of movies that have plot holes and yet we love them anyway.  
Back to the Future – Marty befriends his parents to get them to fall in love.  And yet, they don't recognize him and think, “hum, why does our son look like that dude we met in high school?”
The Dark Knight – The Joker has many origin stories, while at the same time has no origin story.
Groundhog day – It’s never explained why the day kept repeating itself or why Phil was the only one aware it was happening.
Halloween – Why was Michael obsess with killing his sisters?  Or for that matter, why was he so impossible to kill?
Night of the Living Dead – If reanimations were occurring due to radiation from a space probe that returned from Venus, why did you need to be bitten to become a zombie?
12 Angry Men – In the end they never decide whether the teen was guilty or not guilty.
Westworld [1973 film] – Why did the robots start killing people, and why was the Gunslinger so obsessed with Peter?

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