Millhopper School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Congratulations!  You have been accepted to the Millhopper School of Withcraft and Wizardry, and your wizarding training

So, what is the Millhopper School of Witchraft and Wizardry, you ask?  Well, it is 8 months of Harry Potter themed programming here at the Millhopper Branch Library.  We know that some things might be a bit different for Year 4, but even Harry Potter had to give up Quidditch in his fourth year (oops...I hope that doesn't spoil too much for anyone).

MSWW will begin virtually this year, so to participate fully, gain access to our MSWW Google Classroom for virtual programs and fun, and earn House points, you must register.  Registration begins today.

Previous House Cup winners:
Year 1: Hufflepuff
Year 2: Ravenclaw
Year 3: Gryffindor

Will we have a repeat winner this year, or will Slytherin reign victorious?

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MSWW: Upcoming Events

Past Event Highlights

Some of our past events

House Point Tracker

House Point Tracker

MSWW Staff

Millhopper crestElaine Needelman - Headmistress

Daniel Jones - Deputy Headmaster

Beth Noll - Deputy Headmistress

Teresa Bruckner - Head of Gryffindor

Joyce Novellino - Head of Hufflepuff

Samantha Harmon - Head of Ravenclaw

Jessica McGarrah - Head of Slytherin

Mary Gay – Keeper of Keys and Grounds

Madison Snyder – Caretaker (but so much friendlier than Filch)

Karen Malloy - Founder of Millhopper School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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