Back to School Bugs


Photo of colorful pencils and bugs


It's that time of year again: Back to School! We have all had an interesting previous school year to say the least. Whether you are returning to in classroom, zoom, or homeschooling, we are all gearing up for school to start again. Here is a fun craft for you to get creative and practice writing your name in cursive. You could also write your teacher or parent's name and make a bug for them.


Bug Craft:

"Back to school bugs?", you might be asking yourself. These are friendly bugs: name bugs! This craft is created from simply writing your name. You can use a pen, marker, or a paintbrush to write your name. If you need help writing in cursive, ask your parent or guardian to help you write it. You can also print your name (write in normal letters).


You first take a piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. Then on top of the folded edge, you write your name. After you write it, carefully cut with scissors (or get your grown-up's help) to cut around your name and leave the folded side together. Then when you open up the paper, a unique bug is made just for you!

Piece of folded paper with "Elaine" in cursive along the folded edge.


Now is the best part. You get to decorate your bug however you want. You could use paint, markers, crayons, pastels, glitter, stickers, and googly eyes.


Here are the bugs that Ms. Coleen and I made:

Photo of a pink butterfly, a ladybug, and a couple other bugs


Here are the other amazing creatures Ms. Coleen created:

Photo of Sully from Monster's Inc. and Yoda


Back to School Books 

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Posted by Alexis on August 25, 2021